Youngest Ghanaian Director, Dela Finn outdoors Trailer for new Movie ‘I Believe’

From the Director of “Bound To Be” and “Give It a Title”, comes another inspiring movie, ‘’ I BELIEVE ’’. Starring talented and budding actor Nelson Mandela.

Dela Finn is believed to be the youngest Ghanaian Director now and he introduced to the Ghanaian screens a non non verbal film titled “Bound To Be”. None verbal films are not popular in Ghana and maybe Africa. Many in depth film lovers enjoy none verbal films because it allows audience to create the dialogue in their minds themselves.

Apparently, Dela Finn – Director at Deland Films has unveiled the trailer for his new upcoming short film “I BELIEVE” which has taken control of social media and features Nelson Mandela Jnr. The film was shot by Lucas Henry.

The official premiering will be on StarXTV, (a program that runs on NTV on Multi TV ) 20th April 2017. Kindly Follow Deland Films on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram @DelandFilms for more updates.

Watch trailer below:



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