5 Afro Hair Styles For 2020

Afro hair trends have recently gained momentum since their sensational revival started in the 2010s. From YouTubers demonstrating these hairstyles in tutorials and vlogs, to pics going viral on places like Instagram, the need for natural hair styling has boomed with twists and bold cuts that seem to reinvent the afro.

And, as we move forward in 2020, some may wonder how the afro hair trend will hold up in the black hair space. So, we put together a list of five styles to consider, if you’re interested in being a part of the hair craze.

Afro (Low Tapered or Supersized)

, 5 Afro Hair Styles For 2020

“Natural free Afro hair has always, and will continue to be popular this year,” said Yasmin Naylor, a journalist at Write My X and Britstudent. “However, the key here is to make sure that you treat your afro with treatments that are both smooth and packed with amino acids. Make sure you get your hair treated at a salon every eight to twelve weeks, along with regular trimming and hydrating treatment sessions.”

Afros can come in different styles: If you’re looking to grow your hair, but want to avoid a lot of maintenance, then go with the low tapered afro, which helps it stay fresh while looking natural and dominating. However, the most au naturel version of the afro is when it’s supersized; although requiring more maintenance than the low-tapered, this style will have you stand out in a large crowd. But the one thing to remember—no matter the size—is to avoid hair products that contain sulphates (which tend to dry out the hair), and to instead, opt for using coconut oil or shea butter.

With these fascinating afros, you can go as big or small as you want—whatever makes you smile, and has you dominating the streets and the public eye.

Blunt Cut Bob

Blunt cut bobs were all the buzz in 2019; but the style still has life in 2020. These bobs can be done either angular or straight—whatever you fancy. The best inspirational ideas for this hairstyle come from sorting through the abundant photos on Instagram; make sure you show your hairdresser these pics, so that they’re get an idea on the look you want. Having the hair curly is okay, but the preferred method is having the hair in twist, so that the blunt cut executes the straight look you’re looking for.

Buzz Cut

, 5 Afro Hair Styles For 2020

A simple choice for anyone who doesn’t have the time to hassle with a lot hair, or they want to express a casual yet modern look. On social media, you’ll see many influencers, celebrities, and even every-day people sporting this laid-back style. The look represents a well-presented individual without having to put a lot of effort in styling it. Sleek and sophisticated, this hairstyle will surely continue to turn heads, especially in 2020.

Clean And Short

Clean and short cuts are ideal for any face shape, and requires very little styling whenever you want to maintain it. Just dab a slick of coconut oil, and you’re all set.

Have thinning hair or a receding hairline? No problem! If you want to perfect this look, hair transplants are an option; however, they tend to be costly. Make sure you do your research on which places do these procedures, and how much they’ll cost.

Natural Quiff

, 5 Afro Hair Styles For 2020

“Afro-textured hair has been known to naturally stand up,” said Sara Reynell, a blogger at Australia2write and NextCoursework, “allowing you to create a high-volume look, if you wanted it to. To achieve the natural quiff, all you need is a small amount of pomade to keep the fringe in shape throughout the day. In fact, you’ll forget you have your hair that way, with that amount of maintenance.”

Want that dominating style without putting in a lot of effort in keeping it perfect? Then go with the natural quiff!


As natural hair continues to make waves in 2020 for black-hair enthusiasts, these styles are always evolving with all the kinks and curls possible. But the most important thing to remember is to have fun with either recreating a hairstyle, or reinventing it all together. Whether you don’t mind keeping up with maintenance, or don’t have the time for it, these styles will help you stand out either way in 2020.

, 5 Afro Hair Styles For 2020

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