7 Best Female Reggae Performers

Reggae came here from Jamaica in the late 1960s and literally conquered the world with its power and unique style, complementing the list of global music phenomena. Its music style has merged with the rest of the island’s culture that it has become a real national treasure.

Even though it has borrowed some elements from various music genres, its nearest “relatives” are ska and rocksteady. However, one can boldly state that reggae has surpassed its ancestors and deserved to become a distinct music style.

The term “reggae” appeared about 53 years ago as a part of a song’s title. This simple song was wonderful in its light rhythm that encouraged you to dance and love it with all your heart. And listeners have followed their call to action. Even though the whole world knows its performers’ male names, representatives of a beautiful part of humanity have contributed too. So, if you have already read the edubirdie review and taken care of your assignments, it is time to get acquainted with the best female reggae performers.

Rita Marley

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If her last name seems too familiar to you, it is not surprising since this incredible woman is a widow of iconic reggae musician Bob Marley. She is a native of Jamaica and was performing as a singer in the 1960s when she met her beloved one. They got married in 1966, and she became his backup singer. She is a writer of many songs that her husband recorded. And after his death, she created several albums under her name that gained some popularity in the UK. Nowadays, she lives in Ghana and travels between Florida and Jamaica.

Shauna McKenzie

You might have heard about this awesome woman under the name Etana. Parents noticed her vocal abilities when she was a young girl, but she wasn’t going to become a singer at first. When she studied in college, preparing to become a nurse, she joined a female vocal group. This event has become a turning point in her career. She released her first studio album about twelve years ago, and three years ago, she was nominated for Grammy Awards for the coolest reggae album. So, she is a good example of how a girl from an ordinary Jamaican family can achieve great heights with persistence and love for her occupation. And if you dream of going into some activity, but you don’t have time because of numerous tasks, it is worth examining a customwritings review to find a way to free up your schedule.

Tanya Stephens

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Even though her first name is Vivienne, she is better known for her middle name, Tanya. She started climbing her career ladder in the late 1990s and got international recognition for her album “It’s a Pity.” She changed her sunny motherland for gloomy Sweden when she signed a contract with Warner Music Sweden and released an album in 2004. Her next albums became real hits since they touched acute issues. She is one of the female reggae performers who has actively popularized this music style worldwide.

Lorna Bennet

She started singing in childhood. When she visited a school, she joined the Bare Essential Band, and this decision became a starting point in her career. Not all her songs were successful, but they gave her new connections. When she focused on reggae performance, she gained tremendous popularity in many countries. She became the first female artist who didn’t leave top charts in Jamaica for five years. She can perform any hit in a reggae style, adding special beats. Such a talent appeals to a huge audience that is fond of converted music.

Sister Carol

She is one of the incredible reggae artists with a beautiful voice, whose real name is Carol Theresa East. She spent her childhood in a place that had a bad reputation as one of the city’s most violent areas. In 1973 when Carol was 14, she emigrated with her family to the USA. She released her first albums in the early 80s when reggae was tremendously popular among youth. Her album “Black Cinderella” allowed her to take a special place in the worldwide reggae community. Afterward, Carol has founded her self-titled label “Black Cinderella” and continued to work on new albums.

Lady Saw

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Marion Hall, also known as “Queen of Dancehall,” is the first female DJ who received a Grammy Award. At a young age, she had a reputation as a tomboy, with a love of racing on wooden karts. When Marion was 15, she took her stage name Lady Saw, in honor of the famous DJ Tenor Saw. Soon she signed to the VP Records label, and in 1994 she debuted with her first album “Lover Girl.” She released three more albums, “Give Me The Reason,” “Passion,” and “99 Ways,” before taking a break for six years. In November 2021, she stated that her dancehall career is over, and she will work on Gospel music.


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This charming lady is not just a talented singer but a wonderful songwriter. Even though she was born in the USA, she moved to Jamaica when she was three years old. It seems this event has influenced not only her childhood but her future career and style of performance. In the late 90s, Alaine returned to the United States and worked on the Roc-A-Fella Records label as a songwriter and backup vocalist up to the early 00s.

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