Abidjan Has Seen Its Fair Share Of Wizkid’s Disappointment, As He Fails To Appear At A Concert

What is Wizkid truly up to at this point? After disappointing fans in Ghana the day before, the award-winning Nigerian musician is back in the news after failing to show up for an event he was scheduled to perform at in Abidjan. In a statement, he gave the reasons he couldn’t perform in Ghana, citing security and technical concerns.

Additionally, he was scheduled to perform in Benin and Cote D’Ivoire on December 11, 2022, in two different countries. According to reports, he abandoned his concert in Abidjan. Wizkid has earned a poor reputation among many fans, particularly in the African continent, because of a similar incident that occurred in Ghana a few hours prior to this. It is said that this is the second time he has failed to appear for events in Abidjan for which he was fully paid.

What is even more astonishing is that he posted a video to his Instagram story showing himself traveling to Abidjan in a private plane with his staff, Ghanaian musicians Mugeez and King Promise, and other people. Why did he not show up is still a mystery. ‘


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