Accra’s No. 1 Thrift Joint, Kantamanto Catches Fire Again

Kantamanto, Accra’s No. 1 Thrift Joint, Kantamanto Catches Fire Again

Fire outbreak in Accra’s well known market for any kind of cloth is gradually becoming consistent.  Kantamanto serves as a hub for cloth dealers within and outside Accra who go there to buy in large quantities and resell to clients.  People do rate cloths sold at Kanta (as widely referred to as) higher than the ones sold in boutiques taking into consideration it’s quality. Most of the products sold in these local boutiques are imported from China , Turkey , Indonesia and other Asian countries where as Kantamanto receives most of its goods from USA , UK and other highly rated Fashion countries.

Furthermore , Kantamanto plays a major role in the Ghanaian music industry precisely the fashion aspect of it. Most top musicians have connects or what we call ‘PLUGS’ in Kantamanto who get them the best of the best of gears. Some Ghanaian musicians in interviews and documentaries have acknowledged Kantamanto as their go to thrift market for cloths.  In a recent post by businessman and musician Mr. Eazi on twitter, spoke highly about Kantamanto and making known his intent to visit when he’s in Ghana. As rich as he is, he still chose to shop at Kantamanto rather than the boutiques nor malls.

It’s quite unfortunate Kantamanto has suffered another fire outbreak just this evening. A video cited on social media shows the gutted market with no fire service or tank on site.  The cause of the fire is unknown now , hopefully we will get in touch with the necessary authorities to assist us with more information pertaining to this issue.

More to follow…..

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