Adekunle Gold Reveals His Battles With Sickle Cell

Nigerian singer-songwriter Adekunle Gold has revealed his prior health difficulties with sickle cell anemia in an emotional statement to his fans following the release of his hit, 5 Star.

The musician revealed this information to his fans via a personalized email. He had previously written about his challenges as a boy with the ailment, including how he had to stay indoors and forgo outside activities or risk developing health issues. The musician also discussed his family’s financial situation and how, at the age of 20, when he fell gravely ill, he begged God to take his life.

After that experience, Adekunle Gold’s health began to improve, and he encouraged his followers to strive to live 5-star lives in all aspects of their lives and to show grace to everyone around them.

Adekunle Gold is about to start the Australian leg of his lucrative Catch Me If You Can tour in order to promote his most recent record. One of the biggest music festivals in the US, the Afropunk Festival, has also booked the singer to perform as its headlining act.

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