ALBUM : Kirani Ayat – Aisha’s Sun

“Kirani Ayat’s debut studio album Aisha’s Sun is a chronicle of his life from a teen to an adult.

It touches on his upbringing on “Aisha’s Son”, the societal on the Worlasi assisted “Fada Na”, familial and religion on “Duniya” & “Dan Kasa” and aspirations on “Sarki” & “GUDA”.
The blend of traditional Hausa instruments and percussions like the goje (2-string fiddle), kakaki, and kalangu (double-headed drum), with western music styles like HipHop, R&B, and Pop-Rock, showcases Ayat’s rich musical diversity, his vocals resonates with authority and fluidity on each record.
 Aisha’s Sun is a distinct approach to the current Afro-fusion/World beats genre taking over the charts, and ushers a new chapter in the artist’s journey.”
Listen and download ‘Aisha’s Sun’ by Kirani Ayat below.

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