Ama K Abebrese scolds Becca for Comparing Tribalism to Racism

British-Ghanaian actress, Ama K Abebrese has reprimanded Ghanaian songstress, Becca for her tweet which compared tribalism to racism.

Becca was met with heavy backlash over her tweet, which labeled Africans as hypocrites for their stance on tribalism.

According to her, Africans have failed to speak against tribalism and nepotism in the continent but instead turned their focus to advocate and protest against racism in the U.S.

She stated, “You are here in Africa fighting and advocating racism in the US but in your church/home, you are criticizing and judging someone for marrying a fellow African because they are not from your hometown/country/church… Damn Hypocrites!!!”

Responding to her statement, Ama K Abebrese decided to scold the ‘No One‘ crooner on the depth of racism.

She quoted Becca’s post and wrote “Sis they are both wrong, however it’s incomparable to equate the fight for the systemic racism in the USA to African tribalism in marriage and hypocrisy . You can highlight that without appearing to diminish the fight about police brutality. Murder is not marriage. Love always,”.

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