Amaarae – Fountain Baby (Full Album)

Conforming to the expected has never been Amaarae’s strong suit. And it should come as no surprise that the Ghanaian American artist would create a sonic otherworld where the trappings of R&B, hip-hop, Afropop, punk and alternative rock mesh with globe-trotting instrumentation and exist harmoniously without question on her album Fountain Baby. The result? A culmination of what a transnational pop star is in 2023—boundless.
Fountain Baby lends its credence to Amaarae’s continued quest for growth and mastery, but not in a contrived way. There are pockets of carefully crafted yet carefree melodies like the dreamy “Angels in Tibet” and sultry “Reckless & Sweet”. On “Counterfeit”, the singer-songwriter swiftly glides with confidence on production by KZ Didit that’s reminiscent of an early-2000s movie soundtrack. “Wasted Eyes” opens with a quick koto solo and progresses as Amaarae soliloquises about a wounded romance. The 14-track solo project pushes the ante of its 2020 predecessor, The Angel You Don’t Know, towards newer heights.
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Words by Apple Music.

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