American Rapper – Vic Mensa Supports The Kumerican Movement With A Verse

God indeed works in mysterious ways. The Kumerica movement started as a flash in the pan with quite a chunk of people doubting if this whole craze was going to survive. Few songs have been released by these Kumerican artists and each and every one of them has garnered impressive numbers.

The recent from the camp of these young rappers is ‘Sore’ by Yaw T.O.G. featuring City Boi , O’kenneth , Reggie & Jay Bahd.  The official music video for this song which was released two days ago , broke the internet getting the attention of music consumers and enthusiasts all over the world. Influential people like Virgil Abloh and Chance The Rapper reacted to the gang-looking visual. Another highly celebrated personality has joined the craze.  As stated in the headline of this post , American rapper – Vic Mensa posted on his instagram story , a video of him jamming to Sore. At the tail end of the song , we heard his verse in there. We have a remix on the way guys.

Watch the video from Vic Mensa’s instagram below

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