Appietus lambasted by his ‘father’ Fredyma for attacking Zapp Mallet

Ghanaian music producer, Appiah Dankwah, otherwise known as Appietus has been reprimanded by his trainer, Fred Kyei Mensah following his comment made about Zapp Mallet.

Veteran musician, Zapp Mallet didn’t take it cool when Sarkodie mentioned his name among other music producers to participate in a virtual challenge tag #behindthehits.

Appietus jumped into the defense of Sarkodie after veteran musician, Zapp Mallet has cautioned him to stop comparing him to others and show respect to him.

After a careful observation, another veteran music producer, Fred Kyei Mensah aka Fredyma who trained Appietus has called him to order.

Fredyma said that was not how he trained Appietus to speak or cast insinuations on his colleagues and the elderly.

He reminded him about how his training journey began some years ago and urged him to apologize to Zapp Mallet if his tweet was targeted at him because there is no way he [Fredyma] will speak against Zapp and other senior music producers.

Read Fredyma’s full post below.

A word for sober reflection

Dear Son,

How are you? I have seen your tweet and “me yam ahye me”!

Respectfully Appietus Appiah Dankwah, this is not the way I trained you guys to speak or cast insinuations on your colleagues especially when the person is older in age and has experience, way ahead of you.

Yes, you may have all the hits previously, gotten all the accolades and all the awards,never forget where you came from.

You remember while you were under training at my end 23 years ago, I asked Ofori Amponsah to let you program a song for him. He rejected you by saying “you are an apprentice” so i can’t experiment his music with you. I knew the good things that was hidden in you after a few months of apprenticeship.

Later in life, you became his cornerstone giving him hits after hits. You remember how you wanted to play like Kwame Yeboah?

As a father to you, there is NO WAY i will ever speak against the likes of Zapp Mallett no matter the differences I might have with him.

The likes of Zapp Mallett, Sami Helwani and co are my colleague sound engineers but when it comes to EXPOSURE in terms of equipment usage, experience in recordings, i don’t come near them despite my popularity. I salute them.

There will always be a difference between chop bar and a restaurant likewise twelve and a dozen. I should have written to you behind the scenes but I want to bring it to the public and let you know that, when you come from the stables of Fredyma, respect is what guides you to succeed.

If this tweet is directed at Zapp Mallett, be humble enough and apologize to him otherwise “M3 suro wo gyamu fite” to wit “I will be careful how you apply the fan on a fire” when i am around you. Asem y3 tia!

Your Father,
Fred Kyei Mensah(Fredyma)


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