Baaba J – Okay Baby, Lets Do This (Full Album)

Ghanaian singer-songwriter Baaba J is making waves with her latest extended play (EP), “Okay Baby, Let’s Do This.” Baaba J, known for her completely different style and use of the Ga language in her music, produces a seven-track masterpiece that highlights her artistic prowess and cultural background.

“Okay Baby, Let’s Do This” is an engrossing musical adventure that highlights Baaba J’s songwriting prowess and vocal range. She skillfully blends parts of afrobeats, highlife, and Ga traditional music in each track, producing a genuinely immersive and vivid listening experience.

Listeners are welcomed to enter Baaba J’s universe as they immerse themselves in the seven tracks of “Okay Baby, Let’s Do This,” which are loaded with colorful melodies, irresistible rhythms, and heartfelt storytelling. It is a testimonial to her artistic vision and leaves an indelible impression on everyone who listen.

Listen below and share your thoughts with us.

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