Best chances to Profit on the 2020 Oscars

Oscar fever is heating up. The anticipation is palpable with all of Hollywood’s A-Listersclamouring for the top titles – Best Actor, Best Actress and Best Picture. But, as we know, only one in each category can take the honours and who will it be this year?

With all the guessing many are wanting to see if their favourite is going to bag the statue. 1xBet gives its customers around the world the opportunity to take bets on their front-runner. Not only is access easy, but bettors will also be able to get fantastic odds around to enhance their winning potential.

So what are the best chances to profit on the Oscars?.

The Best Actress award looks like it is heading into the hands of Renee Zellweger for her role as the iconic Judy Garland. Zellweger previously held the golden statue in 2004 for ‘Chicago’.

Besides Renee’s clout in Hollywood as a leading lady, her portrayal of Garland was surreal in its authenticity. In addition to this, she was directed by Rupert Gould, a well-known theater director. And ‘Judy’ is a musical, which is a genre that has proved lucky for the actress in the past.

The Best Actor honoursare believed to already belong to the dark and brooding Joaquin Phoenix who owned the role of The Joker in the 2019 reprisal of the somewhat demented comic book character.

This is once again the year of heartthrobs and one can’t discount Brad Pitt as a leading contender for Best Supporting Actor. Despite his reputation as a Hollywood heartthrob the 56 years old certainly is a master of his craft and this years ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ cements his position as royalty on the red carpet.

The other hot topic for the night is the winner of the Best Director award. There are a few contenders but none that stands out quite like Quentin Tarantino. The odds are in his favour on this one. He has bagged two Oscars before but both were for Best Original Screenplay. In 2019 he directed ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ a great lullaby to the American dream. This theme has proven popular in years gone, as when Damien Chazzels “La La Land” also won the top honours after paying homage to life in America.

The role of the Joker has been portrayed so many times over the years, but not once in a true hard hitting drama. This movie has everything going for it and screams Oscar Award. There is stiff Noah Baumbach’s ‘The Marriage Story’ but those in the know place this gigantic silver screen gem as the odds on favorite.

Another little side bet amongst those who are devout Oscar followers is who will appear last in the memorial montage. RutgerHauer is a hot topic in this genre. Most will remember the beloved deceased tough guy for his role as the android in the movie “Blade Runner.” He was immortalised by the words “It’s time to die” and these fond memories of him will only enhance his chances of being featured last.

So, hold on to the edge of your seat while you wait for the results to be announced! But in the meantime register at 1xBet and grab your chance to profit by placing bets on your favourites to win!

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