Black Sherif Unveils Reflective Studio Project ‘Take Care Of Yourself Blacko’ for 2023 Debut

Renowned Ghanaian rapper Black Sherif celebrated for his exceptional musical prowess, has kickstarted the year with a fresh offering. Titled ‘Take Care Of Yourself Blacko,’ this two-track studio project represents his initial foray into the musical landscape of the year.

While Black Sherif has been making waves with his music, it’s worth noting that he hasn’t been confined solely to the studio. His commitment to his fans has led him on a global tour, allowing him to connect with his dedicated followers across various corners of the world.

‘Take Care Of Yourself Blacko’ is more than just an album title; it embodies a message of self-care and reflection. This choice of title suggests that Black Sherif is addressing not only his artistic output but also his personal growth and well-being. As an artist who resonates deeply with his audience, he might be using this project to explore his own journey and share his insights with his listeners.

Listen below.

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