Boj – Soak Garri ft. Tay Iwar & Knucks

Nigerian alternative artist, Boj, is getting ready to release his highly anticipated LP “Gbagada Express Vol. 2,” and he’s building anticipation with his latest track, “Soak Garri.” The single, which features talented musicians Knucks and Tay Iwar, highlights Boj’s ability to flawlessly merge genres.

Boj’s intelligent words and relevant experiences shine through, while Knucks contributes suave rapping and Tay Iwar contributes soulful vocals and thoughtful songwriting.

“Soak Garri” is a preview for the next album, which promises to be an outstanding body of work that continues the aural journey of “Gbagada Express” while also having varied collaborations.

Listen and download ‘Soak Garri’ below.

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