Bullet Seeks justice after His Song, ‘Shabba’ was used for a Movie Soundtrack with His Consent

Ruff N smooth 494x500 - Bullet Seeks justice after His Song, ‘Shabba’ was used for a Movie Soundtrack with His Consent

Artiste manager and songwriter, Bullet formerly of Ruff N Smooth has taken to social media to voice out his grievances after his song was used without his permission.

In an Instagram post, Bullet revealed that one Theophilus Baah, who is the brother of his former partner, Akhan has ripped him off some money by selling his intellectual property to a movie production without consulting him.

According to him, in 2015 when he was still a member of Ruff & Smooth, a movie company approached them to seek permission and use their smash hit single, ‘Shabba’ for a movie soundtrack.

“In 2015, Theophilus Baah, a brother of my former partner Akhan, who happened to be the manager of my defunct group Ruff n Smooth, comprising of myself and Ahkan informed me about a movie company in America who has shown interest in using our song as their movie soundtrack,” Bullet said.

However, Bullet in his post revealed that he wasn’t brief any longer on the deal till now with which he just discovered the deal has sealed without his permission and not given even a penny from the deal.

He added that he feels cheated and disrespected but seeking justice from anyone by any means.

“To make my story short, i just found out the movie is out and our song been used without my permission nor me seeing any legal contract and a huge sum of money being taken by my former partner’s brother. I feel so disrespected and cheated, two people cannot create music for one party to silently sell the music and take the money without the knowledge of the other. I need HELP, i want Justice maybe social media can help me,” he concluded.

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