Camidoh Secures BET Nomination For Best International Act – Viewer’s Choice

Ghanaian singer Camidoh has made waves in the music industry as he secures a prestigious BET nomination for Best International Act – Viewer’s Choice. He joins a talented lineup of artists from around the world, including ASAKE (Nigeria), FLO (UK), LIBIANCA (Cameroon), MAUREEN (France), MC RYAN SP (Brazil), PABI COOPER (South Africa), RAYE (UK), and WERENOI (France).

This honor is a testimonial to Camidoh’s extraordinary ability and the influence of his music on the world stage. Fans are anticipating the BET Awards 2023, which will honor 50 years of Hip Hop. Camidoh’s nomination marks a significant turning point in his career and a triumph for the Ghanaian music sector. The BET Awards, which are set to be the biggest night for culture and music, will be televised live on BET on Sunday, June 25, 2023.

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