Coronavirus Vaccine, the ‘Miracle Hair in a Bible’ is a HOAX! Here is Why.

With Coronavirus seething everywhere throughout the world; doctors and scientist desperately racing against time in search of a potential vaccine and the world waiting to heal.

It has appeared that a Christian in Ghana is said to have discovered a miraculous cure and vaccine for Covid-19 and the news spreading on Social media like wild fire.

According to reports, the miraculous vaccine and cure came from a man from the Central Region of Ghana, whose 3 year old girl had a divine revelation in a form of dream about the remedy for the Coronavirus pandemic.

The 3 year old Girl was said to have stated that God revealed to her to inform people to turn to their Bibles, and miraculously they will find a human hair in any of the Bible verses.

They at that point are to place the specific hair in water, and utilize the Bible verse from where the hair was found as prayer point. After that, the water is to drink and any individual who shares and drink the water will be relieved and immune to the Coronavirus.

However, per what we have accumulated, we unequivocally debunk these methods and here is the reason.

First of all, we found out that it is normal and regular to locate a human hair in any Bible or Book a person frequently reads. This is due to the fact that humans shed a certain amount of hair every day, anytime and anywhere.

Secondly majority of Christians or people bow their heads when reading the Bible or any book which may cause a hair to drop into the Bible involuntarily.

With this, we therefore genuinely ask our readers to disregard the Hoax and comply with the preventive measure set up to slow the spread of the virus in other to help save the Health System until a potential vaccine or cure is found.

Stay Safe.

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