Deezy Discusses The Varying Dimensions Of Love In Debut EP ‘EVOL’

Deezy is a budding artist on the Ghanaian music scene has released his debut album. ‘EVOL’ as the album is called, is simply ‘love’ spelt backwards. It may be deemed interesting that as a self proclaimed lover boy, he chooses to use a reverse spelling but listeners will quickly come to an understanding on why this is so.

This nine track album discusses the varying dimensions of love.

On EVOL, contemporary highlife is a common theme; and it can be said that wherever there’s highlife, there’s an amazing love story brewing.

The nouveau act goes from professing love, to begging for forgiveness, to promising his entire existence to his lady, and jumps right into declaring the joy and happiness that comes with being your own man-being single and free. The theme of love is not lost as each song leads to another story in which love is always triumphant.

In love, one is never fully certain of their actions and EVOL shows specifically, how much of a rollercoaster love is. The season of love is upon us and Deezy with this compilation conveys a strong message that the true test of love is in our ability to ensure it stands the test of time to last, forever.

Some songs to look out for are Nana Adomah and Boys Eekor which features Eskay, the only featured artist on his impressive body of work.

Listen to ‘EVOL’ below and if you find anything you like in there, do add to your playlist.


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