Diana Hamilton – Say Amen

Ghanaian gospel singer Diana Hamilton has touched hearts and souls with her inspiring song “Say Amen.” Released as the lead single from her album of the same name, this powerful gospel anthem is a testament to Hamilton’s unwavering faith and uplifting spirit.

In “Say Amen,” Hamilton encourages listeners to speak words of faith and declare blessings into their lives. The song’s infectious melody and heartfelt lyrics resonate deeply with audiences, reminding them of the power of prayer and the importance of believing in God’s promises.

The accompanying music video adds a visual dimension to the song, showcasing Hamilton’s captivating presence and showcasing various settings that reflect the song’s message. From the serene atmosphere of a church to the vastness of a desert and the vibrant energy of a city street, the video brings the song’s themes to life and reinforces its universal appeal.

“Say Amen” has struck a chord with listeners, not only for its positive message but also for its remarkable success on the gospel charts. The song has soared to the top spot on the Ghanaian gospel charts, cementing its place as a beloved and impactful piece of music within the gospel community.

Watch below.

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