DIY : How To Pitch Your Music To Playlist Curators On Spotify

To be able to pitch your upcoming song on Spotify for playlist(s) consideration, you’d have to claim your profile first by signing up to the Spotify For Artists service. By doing so, Spotify automatically adds your pitched song to your followers’ Release Radar playlists.

To pitch your song to spotify curators, kindly follow the steps below.

  1. Log in to Spotify for Artists.
  2. Find unreleased music to pitch:
  • At the top of Home, select PITCH FROM NEXT RELEASE.
  • On web, you can also pitch from the Music tab under UPCOMING.
  1. Choose a song and fill out the info. The more info you provide the better chance it has.

Things To Keep Note Of.

  • Get your music in early to give the editors a chance to listen.
  • If you see the status Available Soon, that means Spotify is processing your release. It can take a few days until it’s available for pitching, so deliver it as early as possible.
  • Pitching a song doesn’t guarantee a playlist placement, but gives it the best chance.
  • You can pitch one song per artist profile at a time.
  • You can’t pitch compilations.
  • You can’t pitch if you’re a featured artist on the song.
  • Editors may choose to feature a different song from your release on their playlist.
  • Anyone with Admin or Edit access to your profile or release can see and edit the pitch.
  • High production value is one of many factors for playlist consideration. You can connect with professional producers, engineers, and musicians on SoundBetter.

How will I know if a song gets on a playlist?

Spotify will send you an email to let you know. You can also check the Playlists tab in Spotify for Artists when your release goes live, and explore detailed stats about it.


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