DJ Lord OTB – This Is Shatta Wale

DJ Lord OTB’s Essentials Mix series has been a long-standing tribute to some of the biggest names in the music industry. With the third installment, the Ghanaian disc jockey turns his attention to the multiple award-winning Reggae/Dancehall artiste Shatta Wale, taking listeners on a nostalgic journey through the artist’s illustrious career.

The mixtape delves deep into the roots of Shatta Wale’s career, exploring his earlier work from his Bandana days before his rebranding to Shatta Wale a decade ago. The mix is a celebration of Shatta Wale’s growth as an artist and his undeniable impact on the Ghanaian music scene.

The mixtape opens with the classic track “Bandana from Ghana,” showcasing Shatta Wale’s early days as a struggling artist trying to make a name for himself. The track highlights Shatta Wale’s unrelenting passion for music and his drive to succeed despite the challenges he faced.

As the mix progresses, DJ Lord OTB takes listeners on a journey through Shatta Wale’s discography, showcasing some of his biggest hits such as “Dancehall King,” “Kakai,” and “Gringo.” The mix also features some of Shatta Wale’s lesser-known tracks, giving listeners a comprehensive overview of the artist’s body of work.

Throughout the mix, DJ Lord’ OTBs expert curation shines through, as he weaves together a seamless blend of tracks that showcase Shatta Wale’s versatility as an artist. From his energetic Dancehall tracks to his soulful ballads, the mix captures the essence of Shatta Wale’s distinct sound and his impact on the Ghanaian music scene.

Shatta Wale’s influence on Ghanaian music cannot be overstated, and DJ Lord OTB’s Essentials Mix series is a fitting tribute to the artist’s legacy. The mix serves as a reminder of Shatta Wale’s journey from humble beginnings to become one of the most celebrated and respected artists in the industry.

Listen and download ‘This Is Shatta Wale’ by DJ Lord OTB below.

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