FAVE – Obsessed

Fave Obsessed, FAVE – Obsessed

Fave Obsessed, FAVE – Obsessed

Listen to the opening song on Fave’s debut studio project ‘Riddim 5’ titled ‘Obsessed’

Nigerian vocalist and songwriter, Chidozie Godsfavour Ugochinyere widely known as Fave put her passion for singing to use at the very young age of 6. She began composing songs and performing her favorite hits for her classmates, friends, and family during events and after-school hours.

Inspired by the reception and reactionary response from people she performed to, Fave commenced music professionally at age 19 after blossoming in her first song M.O.M.M.S. Fave’s soundscape is influenced by musical idols such as Adele, Billie Eilish, Shaggy, Aisha Badru, Sia, and Lorde, reason for the fusion of R&B, Pop, Soul, and Dancehall genres in her music.

Soldering on, Fave made her professional debut in July 2019 with the song titled M.O.M.M.S’, an acronym which translates ‘Me or Mask My Sins’. After the release of this solo effort, Fave saw a favorable outcome. Over the track’s piano-led beat, she offers a deep song about broken people who are unable to accept love, because they are blind to the intention of others. ‘We’re waiting for love in the backyard/looking for what’s not lost’ she sings over a pop-tinged production, presenting listeners with two sides of the same coin – those who love others despite their flaws, and those who are broken and won’t accept love.

Fave’s impressive start to her career continued with another single ‘NBU’ on the 17th of April, 2020, the single garnered amazing numbers whilst finding its way to at least 3 official playlists on Apple Music. Fave returned stronger in 2021 with the top-notch records “Beautifully” and the game changer “Baby Riddim”.

The huge success of ‘Baby Riddim’ placed Fave in a very noticeable spot in the Afrobeat eco-system and has since being mentioned as one of the prospects to watch out in 2022 by several magazines and blogs.  Leveraging on the exposure she’s attained, Fave deems it necessary to follow-up with an extended play dubbed ‘Riddim 5’.

Riddim 5‘ is 5 track-list body of work, beautifully crafted together solely by Fave. With the beauty of her music and the classical expression of her pen, Fave paints what she sees in front of her in the best way she can, speaking her heart and telling the experiences of people.

Fave is here to stay, a mantra listeners of this piece are likely to chant after tuning in to Riddim 5. What a way to make your headline account for the year. Mind-blowing.

Listen and download ‘Obsessed’ mp3 below.

FAVE – Obsessed [Download]

Listen and download ‘Obsessed across all DSPs below.

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