Focus on Malaria and Typhoid Fever, It’s more deadly than Coronavirus – Seyi Shay laments

seyi shay image 500x483 - Focus on Malaria and Typhoid Fever, It's more deadly than Coronavirus -  Seyi Shay laments

Nigerian afrobeat star, Seyi Shay has waded into the discussion on Coronavirus not being more deadly compared to Malaria and Typhoid which claim large number of lives every year.

The “Murda” singer, made wild claims in series of tweets referencing Malaria and Typhoid as being more deadly than the Covid-19 pandemic. She affirmed that the Government should give Malaria and Typhoid pressing attention as they have done to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Seyi Shay further on expressed that as infectious as the Covid-19 seems to be, healthy individuals who contract it are bound to recover from it, unlike Malaria and Typhoid which doesn’t regard a healthy or malnourished individual.

She wrote, “So wait… is corona virus more deadly than malaria? And why cant our government do something about malaria and Typhoid that people seem to be getting every week out here? Or is that just a WHOOOOLE ‘nother story??

“Ok, so its contagious BUT is it more deadly? This one that everyone is forgetting that people have been and are still dying from Malaria and typhoid… daily! #jedimindgames”.

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