Fortune Dane confirms Debut EP ‘The Fortunate 707’

Fortune Dane 1 500x500 - Fortune Dane confirms Debut EP 'The Fortunate 707'

Ghanaian producer / rapper , Fortune Dane has confirmed the track-list list , artwork and 14th August as the release date for his upcoming debut EP ‘The Fortunate 707‘.

With tracks like IRS (feat. Tinuke) and Distant Relationship already buzzing ahead of the EP release, it is already one to be on the lookout for !

The Fortunate 707

Shedding more light on the EP , Fortune Dane indicated that ‘The Fortunate 707’ is meant to Unite people through music.

“I aim to unite people with the songs. The songs on the EP are songs each and everyone can relate to. On the EP you’ll never hear me brag about money or talk about my luxuries. I’m talking about real life stuff – Love , Life , Friends , Broken Hearts …“

Fortune Dane went on to reveal that what makes the EP even more relatable is the fact that it wasn’t planned. It is a project of songs he recorded at various points in time and at various phases in his life. Some of the songs are as far as one year apart from each other. Some had been already released but most will be heard for the first time . The coming together of the entire EP was just ‘FORTUNATE‘.

Fortune Dane 2 500x500 - Fortune Dane confirms Debut EP 'The Fortunate 707'

Though Fortune Dane is largely known for producing or releasing straight up hardcore hip hop songs and can be referred to as one of the household names when it comes to producing trap music in Ghana, the situation is quite different on ‘The Fortunate 707’ as fans should expect to 7 rap songs and 7 RnB type songs (Hence the title: 7 0 7 )

” Expect a bit of hardcore , but you’ll get more of love , attachment and closure to your daily experiences . It wont make you feel alone, you will feel hope and not feel alone.

Sometimes people feel you are a star so you have no problems. At the end of the day , we are all human , we all love , we feel less appreciated by some , we feel disrespected by some … money doesn’t change that… we are all in this , we all go through it. Listeners are fans should know that they are not alone. This EP is to encourage you”


The EP features fellow producer / rapper , Hip Hop head and founder of Skillions Records – Jayso , as well as the multi award-winning African Heavy weight Rapper – Sarkodie . Also on the EP is the young talented female rapper Tinuke.

Fortune Dane 3 500x500 - Fortune Dane confirms Debut EP 'The Fortunate 707'

On the production front , Fortune Dane himself, Jayso , Magnom , ABE , Wala Tye amongst others , were involved in the process and Fortune Dane does an excellent job of crediting all of them. Check the list out below !

Fortune Dane 4 500x500 - Fortune Dane confirms Debut EP 'The Fortunate 707'

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