FRA! – Chale Wote

What you are about to listen to is a repertoire of songs marrying tastefully vintage sounds with modern themes blended with the musical backgrounds of each band member. The songs on this album are written in our now-signature feel-good, groovy and motivational style.

Our previous album Journey has been followed up with this new body of work called “Chale Wote!”. “Chale” (/tʃɑːleɪ/) is vernacular for friend, buddy or acquaintance in Ghana and “Wote” (/wɔteɪ/) is from Ga, a local language in Ghana meaning “Let’s Go”. Naming the album is our way of telling our listeners to come along and join us have fun. There was no better way to depict this with our album cover where we have a minivan loaded with passengers flying through a portal. These vans which usually pick passengers along the way are popularly known in Ghana as “trotros”, so named after the Ga word “tro”. This is so because “tro” refers to three pence and the conductors used to ask for “tro tro” as that was the fare when these buses were introduced in 1940s colonial Ghana.

In Back to the Future, Dr Brown and Marty took viewers on a trip through time in a DeLorean. We are taking our listeners through timeless music in our trotro. We welcome you, our new fan onboard and we ask that you join us as we follow up to our previous musical anthology, Journey. Just as we say in Ga, Chale Wote!!!

Listen below.

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