Gyakie – Far Away

Gyakie Far Away, Gyakie – Far Away

Gyakie Far Away, Gyakie – Far Away

‘Far Away’ is the second track housed under Gyakie’s sophomore studio project ‘My Diary’

Her second EP, MY DIARY, which comes after her maiden EP, 2020’s Seed, shows more facets of her personality. I’m talking about experiences I’ve had, things I might not have said out, she claims. “I discuss a variety of topics, including my journey and current circumstances. It’s like a peek inside my life, and my fans get to join me there.

Gyakie described the process of recording “Far Away” as follows:

“It’s a blend of heartbreak and good vibes when it comes to love—it talks about the sad parts of life, and this song is very innovative. When you’re listening to it, and you’re actually going through something, it’s going to hit you because I was talking about how one person could risk it all for somebody that they love, and then the person ends up not appreciating it. The fact that you might go to the ends of the earth to make sure the person you love is actually OK, but they never do appreciate it is what this song is mainly about. I love the production [by iPappi]; it’s very uplifting.”

Listen to ‘Far Away’ below and share your thoughts with us.

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