Gyakie – My Diary (Full Album)

It took a chance encounter with a producer for Ghanaian singer-songwriter Gyakie to explore a musical career of her own, despite being the daughter of renowned highlife artist Ernest “Owoahene” Nana Acheampong (one-half of the Lumba Brothers combo). Despite the fact that her father was a legendary musician, she says, “I didn’t have it in mind that I wanted to perform music as a job at all.” She first met Sosa in 2019 while she was a student of international business at the University of Science and Technology in Ghana. She claims that after he promised to send her some beats, the lyrics just “started flowing.”

“When my first song, ‘Love Is Pretty’, came out, the responses that I got from people…I was mind-blown,” Gyakie confesses. “Then I realised that, no, this is looking like something I need to keep doing.” She followed that up with hits like “Never Like This”, which largely featured Twi lyrics and endeared her to audiences in Ghana, while the Afrobeats single “Forever”—and the remix collab with Nigerian hitmaker Omah Lay—quickly went viral, inspiring a wave of dance challenges.

Although she gives credit to musicians like Ghanaian singer Efya and Nigerian singer-songwriter A’a for inspiring her varied, cross-genre Afro-fusion style, which combines elements of highlife, hip-hop, reggae, and soul, she believes her father to be her greatest inspiration. “My dad was always playing highlife music around me,” she says. Since all the legends were performing highlife, it is really significant to me and to everyone from Ghana, in particular. You get that classic African feeling from highlife music. I fervently hope that most musicians, especially up-and-coming ones, will attempt to adopt highlife sounds and successfully spread them throughout the rest of the world.

Her second EP, MY DIARY, which comes after her maiden EP, 2020’s Seed, shows more facets of her personality. I’m talking about experiences I’ve had, things I might not have said out, she claims. “I discuss a variety of topics, including my journey and current circumstances. It’s like a peek inside my life, and my fans get to join me there.

Kindly appreciate ‘My Diary’ EP below.

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