Gyakie – Waka Waka

Gyakie Waka Waka, Gyakie – Waka Waka

Gyakie Waka Waka, Gyakie – Waka Waka

‘Waka Waka’ is the sixth track housed under Gyakie’s sophomore studio project ‘My Diary’

Her second EP, MY DIARY, which comes after her maiden EP, 2020’s Seed, shows more facets of her personality. I’m talking about experiences I’ve had, things I might not have said out, she claims. “I discuss a variety of topics, including my journey and current circumstances. It’s like a peek inside my life, and my fans get to join me there.

Gyakie described the process of recording “Waka Waka” as follows:

“So, ‘WAKA WAKA’ is the statement song. ‘WAKA WAKA’ is actually the head of the diary because, in this song, I spoke about so many things happening around the music industry in my perspective, so many things that I experience, so many things that I’m going to be doing. There was a different attitude of Gyakie here. This is not a love song. It’s very vibrant, very wild, very rude. Rude but classy. I was getting everything off my chest, and it’s a different type of Gyakie in this song. You might be like, ‘What? Who got Gyakie pissed?’ You did.”

Listen to ‘Waka Waka’ below and share your thoughts with us.

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