Here Are The Best Fufu Joints In Accra

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In Ghana, the very different cultural practices have had a say in food. Tuo Zaafi has crept its way into various parts of the country but was mostly associated with northern Ghana.

Akple is honoured in the Volta Region.

The kind of honour Ga people give to kenkey. Waakye which has become a national breakfast, lunch and supper across the length and breadth of the country has a northern origin.

Then there is fufu. Originally a favourite delicacy for the Ashantis, its stardom among its mates cannot be underestimated. Fufu is not only a Ghanaian delicacy its common amongs the west African regions

Fufu is prepared by mixing and pounding portions of cooked cassava, cocoyam, plantain or yam depending on preference. Technology has improvised on the method to give an additional twist of using a ‘fufu-mix flour’ which is cooked without pounding, rather stiring in hot water.

It’s serving compliment creates the uniqueness of how fufu can be enjoyed. The Ghanaian meal is served with various types of soups ranging from groundnut soup, palm nut soup, light soup to ebunuebunu.

The love people in Ghana have for their fufu has created an avenue for commercial purposes. So, there are fufu joints in Ghana which obviously means there will be top ones among them.

Here are the top 7 fufu joints in Ghana:

Bush Canteen

Bush Canteen simply adds luxury to their fufu. There is something about their light soup that keeps you yearning for more, plus the varieties of soups, meat and fish will blow your jaws away. The most intriguing thing about bush canteen is the display of soups with an array of protein will always keep you drooling  before your order.

GBC Club House

Presidential fufu. Jokes … lol. Never mind.
Situated close to the Jubilee House, the ‘White House’ of Ghana, GBC Club House fufu treats you nothing less than you deserve.
You’re very likely to return if you let the taste lead you in spirit and in flesh.


Owned by Ghanaian actress, Luckie Lawson, Mangoes is located at East Legon, a suburb of Ghana’s capital, Accra.
With a range of soups to complement the fufu, your fufu time at Mangoes will never be the same. And oh, that’s not the only Ghanaian dish you’ll find on the very rare occasion that you hate their fufu.


Azmeera Restaurant is not all about fufu but don’t underestimate their stakes in serving one of Ghana’s favourite dishes. Located at Roman Ridge in Accra, reviews from Ghanaians and foreigners who have enjoyed Azmeera’s fufu will give you no other option than to try. And you’ll love it!

Living Room

Comfort and good ambiance  will add a different twist to how you enjoy your fufu. Surely one of the top experiences when it comes to eating fufu on the streets in Ghana.

Agartha Chop Bar

Agartha Chop Bar puts Agartha’s  soup recipes on top of the localized chop bar. Lol. Just kidding.
What’s no kidding is how you’ll fall in love with the fufu at Agartha’s Chop Bar. There’s also something about seeing people sweat whiles enjoying their meal that whets your appetite and keeps you salivating while you wait.
That’s a great fufu joint for you.

Heavy Do

If you’re a fufu lover, you have probably heard about Heavy Do and rightly so. Their vibrant presence on the lips of people all across Accra should hint they’re doing something right. And they are!

Dimaɛnsa Restaurant

Dimaɛnsa is a traditional Ghanaian Restaurant nestled in the heart of Accra. New to the Fufu scene but has won the heart of many fufu lovers due to its comfort and ambience.

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