How to make money from Celebrity News

Making money betting online has become a reality in recent years, provided you find the right bookmaker and bet on things you’re knowledgeable about. There’s little doubt that the vast majority of profits come from sports betting – but what if your main interest is something else? Well, believe it or not, there are tons of other betting possibilities at leading online betting site 1xBet.

One enticing option is celebrity news. For those who love to keep up with the trials, tribulations and triumphs of the superstars it can now mean big profits. There’s no shortage of info on celebrities – from online, to magazine and television, updates are daily and plentiful. Amongst this information, you could come across clues and tidbits that could give you a vital edge when betting online.

At 1xBet there are a ton of celebrity orientated markets, including:

– Will little sister Kylie Jenner surpass Kim Kardashian’s number of Instagram followers before 31st December 2019?

– Oh, and what about Kim’s hubby – will Kanye West enter the 2020 Presidential Race?

– Signing sensation Rihanna is another focal point for many tabloid magazines. Her well-documented love-life has kept fans captivated over the years. Will she finally tie the knot?

– The breakup of ‘Brangelina’ a few years back left fans reeling. While many cling onto the hope that Brad Pitt and Angelina will get back together, you can bet on whether this will happen!

– The football world’s megastar Cristiano Ronaldo has the looks, talent and personality that’s charmed millions. Yet, certain elements of his life remain a mystery. Will Cristiano tie the knot with the mother of one of his children, Georgina Rodriguez? Or will this romance take an unexpected turn, with the soccer star revealing he is actually gay?

– Celebrity marriages are notoriously unstable, with a high turnover of partners. Some, however, seem to stand the test of time and overcome all obstacles. Yet, with the occasional chink in the armour, many believe that these ‘fairy tales’ could come crashing down. Will Beyonce and Jay-Z end their marriage? Will David and Victoria Beckham divorce?

All of these betting opportunities are within certain time frames, which means you get great odds and you’ll know precisely by what date your prediction needs to be fulfilled.

So, gone are the days of needing to be a sports fan to profit from betting online. Now, you can read the celebrity news on the way to work and make money from what you learn! Over time we get to ‘know’ how our favourite stars behave and predicting their future can at times be a whole lot easier than finding a sports team to win! So, if you’re keen on making a profit from your knowledge of celebrities, check out the markets at 1xBet and register now to start profiting!

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