I don’t want to be studied in schools – Obrafour

, I don’t want to be studied in schools – Obrafour

, I don’t want to be studied in schools – Obrafour

A recent statement by music producer Hammer that rapper Sarkodie should be studied in school has opened the discussion on which other musician in Ghana deserves this honour.

Well, rapper Obrafuor has said he does not want to be studied in schools.

Speaking to Zion Felix on the uncut, he said, “I am human with blemish just like anyone else so I wouldn’t say anyone should study me, I’m human”.

“The person we should look at and study is Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the one I look up to. He is my model so the bible is my study tool”, he added.

“I played my part by contributing my quota to the industry. It doesn’t that make me a god. I am not. I would say that if you’re impressed by my musical career and feel like emulating, you’re free to do so but to study me, I am human,” he further added.

“The very necessary thing is that I cannot say I am successful. What is a success? Does that translate to doing well in life? No. If after everything on earth, Christ is pleased with your life, that is what we call successful. Life is a journey. We’re here to do everything we can but the judgment day will tell if you lived a righteous life and would make it to paradise, that’s what we call success,” he reiterated

“I agree I turned my life around, I made my life/living better but I won’t call it a success”, he stated.

He gave thanks to God for his growth, musical career and journey in the last twenty years of ‘Paemuka’. He again said he does not live life with regrets and that throughout his living, everything has been worth learning from.

Source: Ghanaweekend

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