Idahams Releases Man On Fire Deluxe EP

Idahams Man On Fire Deluxe EP, Idahams Releases Man On Fire Deluxe EP

Despite the collective trauma of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Idahams shined through with his Man On Fire EP, a collective of songs to comfort his audience who were in desperate need of encouragement.  From the mid-tempo bounce of “Ada” to the definitive air of “Man on Fire” and the addictiveness of “Shima,” Idahams showed his ability to mix African sounds with pop.

On the deluxe version of Man On Fire,  he retains the best bits of last year’s run with more star power, calling on Falz for a remix of the titular track. The rapper brings his signature wit and charm to the track, fitting into the song’s narrative while maintaining the same song scheme that made it such a well-received anthem. The other additions to the album are  “Belle,” where Idahams’ blunted voice coats his mischievous edge while “God When” dabbles into the aspirational over its 3:00 course, serving as a spiritual follow-up to 2018’s “No One Else.”

On this deluxe, Idahams updates some of 2020’s high points with more emotive highs and textured singing.

Watch ‘Man On Fire’ featuring Falz below and stream the EP as well.

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