I’m not a Womanizer – Shaker reveals

Musicians are mostly seen with women in their music videos and also at events, so the perceived misconception of their followers is that they are womanizers.

Most at times due to the celebrity tag most of them carry, it doesn’t even allow some celebs to enjoy their favourite meal at a local joint or woo the kind of woman they want to be with meanwhile they will be suffering secretly.

Elikplim Yao Atiemo (born in Accra , Ghana), better known by his stage name Shaker (Lil Shaker) , is a Ghanaian recording artist, songwriter, producer and performer.

During a celebrity interview with astute radio personality Amansan Krakye of Radio Central in Cape Coast, Shaker revealed the pain he’s going through in trying to get a girlfriend.

“I dey look for girl so if you get me woman den I go start think dey think about marriage”.

When Shaker was asked by Amansan Krakye why a celebrity of his caliber will be gnashing for a girlfriend in the midst of plenty, he said

“You people dey think say sake of we be famous like that no edey mean say we get more girls, naaaa I dey gnash for woman saf”. “The reason be say some of the chicks dey think say we just dey chop n dawg them so dem no wan come close to me mpo”.

Come to think of it, with the numerous chop and go stories we hear about male celebrities dawging women after panting them down, one can easily conclude that some male artistes are actually womanizers.

Written By: Amansan Krakye of GBC Radio Central in Cape Coast

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