Introducing: Brandon Rootz and Luciano The Messenjah’s Powerful Single – “Without The Greed”

Renowned artists Brandon Rootz and Luciano The Messenjah have joined forces to release their powerful and thought-provoking new single, “Without The Greed.”

With a blend of reggae, RNB, and soul, this track stands out from the crowd, showcasing a unique fusion of genres that captivates global listeners.

Inspired by the negative events throughout history fueled by greed, “Without The Greed” delves into topics such as slavery, the holocaust, and the exploitation of entire civilizations. The song sheds light on the trillions of dollars governments spend on wars and weapons, while neglecting the needs of people living in extreme poverty. It serves as a vision of what life could be like without the destructive force of greed, envisioning a world of peace and beauty.

Brandon Rootz, the talented artist behind the song, aims to inspire individuals to do good and make a positive impact on the world. Through “Without The Greed,” he encourages listeners to share, help one another, and live a life free from the shackles of greed, fostering a sense of unity and compassion.

Produced by Brandon Rootz and Brandon Hess Music, the song’s production showcases an original and distinctive sound. The verses blend the essence of reggae, while the chorus introduces elements of RNB and soul. Complemented by jazzy horn solos and a funky bridge section, the backing vocals harmonize seamlessly with the horns, creating a truly captivating musical experience.

Anticipating the success of “Without The Greed,” Brandon Rootz has set ambitious goals for the song. He plans to perform alongside Luciano at major reggae festivals scheduled for 2024 and envisions the track climbing the Billboard charts, while gaining widespread airplay and generating buzz within the music industry.

To complement the release, a music video for “Without The Greed” will be released soon. Fans can expect visually stunning storytelling that further enhances the song’s powerful message.

The creation of “Without The Greed” was a collaborative effort involving industry professionals and talented musicians. The song was recorded at renowned studios including Tuff Gong, Mixing Lab, and Tads Records. It features Brandon Rootz on lead vocals, guitar, and keyboard, along with Luciano Messenjah, who contributes as a lead vocalist, composer, and lyricist. Other notable contributors include Sherita Lewis on backing vocals, Dean Fraser on Alto Saxophone, Okiel Mcintire on trumpet, Oshane Love on Tenor Sax, Glen Browne on bass guitar, and Kirk Bennet on drums. The song was engineered by Michael Boxy Howell, mixed by Shane C Brown, and mastered by Carlos Freitas. Executive producers Eric Hess and Rudy Gonzalez ensured the smooth execution of the project.

“This song marks a significant milestone in my career,” says Brandon Rootz. “Collaborating with an iconic artist like Luciano and receiving the proper promotion for ‘Without The Greed’ have made this release truly special.”

The making of “Without The Greed” was not without its challenges. During the creative process, Brandon Rootz encountered an unexpected obstacle when he was attacked by a dog, resulting in a minor injury. However, his determination and resilience prevailed, allowing the music to flourish.

With its infectious feel-good vibe and a positive message, “Without The Greed” encapsulates the essence of what the world needs right now. Brandon Rootz and Luciano The Messenjah hope that listeners will be inspired to be more conscious of their actions, let go of greed, and embrace the spirit of sharing and helping one another.

After two years in the making, “Without The Greed” is finally ready to be heard by the world. Stay tuned for its release and join the movement towards a more compassionate and harmonious society.


About Brandon Rootz:

Brandon Rootz is an acclaimed artist, producer, and songwriter known for his captivating blend of reggae, RNB, and soul. With his heartfelt lyrics and uplifting melodies, Brandon seeks to inspire positive change in the world through his music.

About Luciano The Messenjah:

Luciano The Messenjah is a legendary reggae artist known for his soulful voice and profound lyrics. With a career spanning decades, Luciano has become a beacon of light within the reggae music scene, spreading messages of love, unity, and spirituality.

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