Joeboy – Body & Soul (Full Album)

There aren’t many hitmakers like Joeboy in the world. The artist Joseph Akinwale has dug the depths and complexities of passion and love for his Afropop bops ever since catching the attention of the Nigerian mainstream with 2019’s “Baby.”

Joeboy’s sensitive yet astute probe of love was expanded upon on his 2021 debut album, Somewhere Between Beauty & Magic.

His mesmerizing vocals and semi-autobiographical reflections on fame, affection, and self-perception cemented his place as one of his generation’s leading lights.

Between Somewhere Between Beauty & Magic and his highly anticipated sophomore album, 2023’s Body & Soul, the artist has grown and refined his music into a more full view on his experiences with attraction and relationship. “Body & Soul is my state of mind,” he says in an interview with Apple Music.

“It contains the topics I want to discuss.” It’s a more sensitive project with a darker undercurrent. SBBM was just all around amazing vibes. Body & Soul has a darker tone, which I believe is more authentic. Because there will always be good and bad in the world. There will always be advantages and disadvantages.”

Body & Soul is, in many respects, a combination of his loving world view as well as the pressures and joys of operating at the pinnacle of Afropop. “The idea for this album is just that you can actually be yourself and you don’t have to be perfect,” he says. “All you have to do is be yourself and work hard to be a better version of yourself.”

Listen to the amazing body of work below.

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