Juma Mufasa – Children Of The Sun (Full Album)

Juma Mufasa Children Of The Sun, Juma Mufasa – Children Of The Sun (Full Album)

Juma Mufasa Children Of The Sun, Juma Mufasa – Children Of The Sun (Full Album)

A Whole year later, Juma Mufasa is back with an extensive and elaborative edition of the project that put his name on the lips of Ghanaian music enthusiasts and critics, Children of The Sun.

The project touches on themes such as solitude, happiness, naivety, and curiosity. It opens up with a choral of the smash hit off the earlier project with soothing femme vocals assisted by spoken word poetry by one of the country’s finest, Whoisdeydzi. Immediately complimenting that is a song about acceptance and being content with what one has.

Also about the neglect we usually portray in our day to day lives as youth or individuals. A song for fun depicting the naivety in our situations with a guest appearance by Sirge. The project goes further on expose us to songs from the earlier EP like “Sometimes” and “MMM” which already has established the main purpose of the the story of the project.

Depictions of the fears of growing up, responsibilities, moving on from friends and families who have passed on etc. The mood of the project alters a bit. A record about few of the activities that goes on in the capital city. A story about middle class hustle with a guest appearance from Tulenkey.

We move on further to appreciate women all over the world with arguably the most popular song from the previous project and now. This is a song of appreciation to all the beautiful women in our lives and closely linked with the next song that hollers “Waguan, Wossop”. As almost explanatory as the title sounds, this record Carries a club/ party vibe where the children let loose and party like the kids they’ve always been and neglect the fact that time is up and we may not be those kids anymore. That’s why we take 2 shots to start each day. 2 shots for the pain. 2 shots down while I wait for Susan to pull up on a Saturday. When it’s all said and done, we are reminded of who where are, what we do and why we are for the sun.

The project ends with a song that depicts our struggles from time. Emphasis is laid on the fact that we are not children anymore, but we aren’t completely adults yet. This song talks about our trajectory, where we’ve come from, being proud ouf our journey and recognizing that we still have a very long way to go. We are not limited by our dreams ne aspirations. We are not limited by fear of the future unknown. We radiate happiness, with guest appearance by Marince Omario.

Listen below.

Listen and download ‘Children Of The Sun’ here.

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