Jzyno’s ‘Butta My Bread’ Featuring Lasmid Gets Stunning Visual Makeover

The hit track “Butta My Bread” by Jzyno, featuring the talented artist Lasmid, has been elevated to new heights with a captivating visual treatment. The music video, skillfully directed by Clarence Shot It, adds a visually striking dimension to the already popular song.

Clarence Shot It’s creative direction brings the lyrics and vibe of the track to life, immersing viewers in a visual spectacle that perfectly matches the song’s energy. The collaboration between Jzyno and Lasmid takes on a whole new level of appeal as the video unfolds, showcasing their dynamic on-screen presence and musical chemistry.

With stunning visuals, engaging storytelling, and a seamless blend of artistry, “Butta My Bread” receives an impressive visual makeover that is sure to captivate audiences and further solidify the track’s position as a fan-favorite.

Watch the video below.

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