KevTheTopic Unleashes High-Octane Hip Hop Anthem: “All Gas, No Breaks” Featuring Khaligraph Jones

KevTheTopic, the dynamic and rising star in the hip hop scene, is ready to ignite the airwaves with their latest adrenaline-pumping track, “All Gas, No Breaks.” This highly anticipated single captures the spirit of relentless ambition, racing towards the finish line of success, and the pursuit of financial prosperity.

Inspired by the thrill of speed and the drive to conquer obstacles, “All Gas, No Breaks” sets the stage for a captivating musical experience. The song showcases a unique fusion of hard-hitting hip hop beats, engaging lyrics, melodies and the exhilarating sounds of revving engines that signify the start of a race.

As an artist known for their distinct style and captivating storytelling, KevTheTopic delivers powerful verses that paint a vivid picture of the journey towards achievement. With clever wordplay and an unwavering flow, they masterfully depict the hustle, determination, and unwavering focus required to reach the pinnacle of success.

“I wanted to create a song that embodies the relentless pursuit of our dreams and at the same time is the perfect blend of melodic rap and bars on a wavy hip-hop instrumental,” says Kev The Topic. Amazed and dazzled by the beat, Khaligraph Jones, popularly known for his Wave song feat Sarkodie, dropped a mind-blowing 32 bars feature on All Gas No Breaks.

His immense support over the years has been evident in some of the features of his last project where he featured KevTheTopic on a song titled Invisible Currency. KevTheTopic hopes this feature continues to open up more opportunities and support in East African and other African Hip Hop Communities. I NEED A MILL IN THE BANK, superficial you might say but it’s more than just another shallow rap song you know? It’s deeper than that. It’s about accomplishment, ambition, growth and the realisation that procrastination is not an option because time flies. It’s an anthem that pushes boundaries, inspires action, and reminds everyone to stay driven on their path to greatness.”


Accra-based hip hop artist KevTheTopic is best known for his collaborations with EL, Khaligraph Jones, Edem, Stogie among others, flawless rap delivery and energetic stage presence with skillful wordplay and top tier production. His music draws inspiration from his personal life experiences and social issues affecting the African youth.

His most recent collaboration was on Khaligraph Jones’ album dubbed Invisible Currency which received international support from fans and musicians alike, such as Manifest. In a world of prejudice and stereotypes, KevTheTopic is a role model for youth, preaching individuality, confidence and self love.

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