KiDi Teases Upcoming Single ‘Likor’ to Delight Fans

Ghanaian music sensation KiDi is all set to captivate his fans once again with his upcoming single titled ‘Likor.’ After the resounding success of his previous hit ‘I Lied,’ the talented singer and songwriter is gearing up to release yet another musical masterpiece. ‘Likor’ is scheduled to be unveiled on the 27th of July 2023, and a teaser of the song has already been shared, creating a buzz across KiDi’s respective timelines.

The teaser for ‘Likor’ offers a tantalizing glimpse into the upcoming single, leaving fans eager to hear the full track. Social media platforms and music streaming services have been buzzing with anticipation, as fans eagerly await the official release.

So, mark your calendars for the 27th of July 2023 and get ready to be swept away by the enchanting melodies and soulful vocals of KiDi in his latest single ‘Likor.’ Until then, keep an eye on his social media platforms for updates and teasers, and prepare to be amazed by the musical brilliance of this Ghanaian sensation.

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