King Maaga Presents a Stellar Debut EP ‘The P.A.I.N’

Ghanaian singer, songwriter, and performer King Maaga has released his debut project, a 6-track EP titled ‘The P.A.I.N’. ‘The P.A.I.N’ consists of 6 tracks of immersive blends of afrobeats, hip-hop, and indigenous sounds and stories. On his first ever full body of work, King Maaga  talks about all the pain and love he’s  experienced over the years as a young man, living and making music in Ghana. 

‘The P.A.I.N’ tells a story of love. He believes that love and pain are two sides of the same coin; you  cannot have one without the other. Given  that it is the ones we truly love who cause us  the most pain. This is because we actually  care and as such, their actions and  inactions get to us the most. He talks about the pain people have caused him, and the ones he inflicted on others both knowingly and unknowingly. 


“Even in my lowest moments I  helped people and the same energy was not reciprocated. And I’m not afraid to say it  because I need to purge myself of the pain  they caused me. I have caused people pain  too. I can admit that. I’m not a hypocrite. No man is an island so I know there are people  out there experiencing the same things I  have been through. It’s my pain It’s your  pain It’s our pain So, I present to you, the  story of my life. Told through beautiful  melodies. Me apawa nie.” – King Maaga



This intro song is a sonical version of my  life and where I’m at spiritually.  

“Yandelemakataskaboo” is Divine and  only I understand it. For me, it is not  merely a word or simply tongues as some  people may call it. It is a chant. It is my  chant. A chant that connects me to the  music realm. 



Back home is a song that reflects the true  situation of a lot of people out there. A  situation that I believe every youth in  Ghana is experiencing. We left home to  feed home so how can we go back home  without having what it takes to feed  home? When we have not achieved the  real reason why we left to begin with? If you ever go to my hometown, tell my mom  I wish I could come home but I’m not done  with what I came to do so she should keep  me in her prayers.  


KROM (Azaa Ne Lalasu) 

In my quest to make it, Krom details all the  sacrifices I have had to make. It tells a story  of the things we have had to do, as well as  experience as strangers in a city we are  trying to survive in. Krom is a chronicle of it  all; the good, the bad and certainly the ugly.  Being a poor man in the city, life leaves you  with almost no choices. Sometimes you just  have to go with the flow no matter how ugly it gets, hoping for a chance to live to fight  another day in hopes that one day, you will  win.  



In the bid to hustle and make it, I became  fixated on succeeding at all costs. So,  nothing else mattered, not even love. During the period, I met a girl who loved and  appreciated me, but just because the hustle  was all I was fixated on, I fumbled and  messed it up. Looking back, I realize she  was a real one. She showed me all the love  in the world, but I fucked it up. This song is  therefore an apology to her to let go of every pain I had caused her so she can love  again.  



This song hinges on the idea that “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder “. The truth  is that nobody can fully understand what  makes a person truly special to another  person. My first girlfriend was not the most  beautiful girl I’d met, but I loved her so  much. She was very submissive and  respectful. Qualities that I find attractive  and beautiful. Nobody thought we could  actually be together until it happened. And  even though we are no longer together, I’ve  come to understand better the saying that,  he who feels it knows it better.  



This is the main reason why the EP is titled  the P.A.I.N. I’ve been manipulated so many  times ever since I started doing music and  to finally come out of it is a blessing. It feels like love. And so it takes your mind  away from the fact that they are in for their  selfish interests. It’s the most common  thing happening on the streets now and I  feel there is a need to send a message to  the youth to be very careful and vigilant. 

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