Kizz Daniel – Shuperu

Nigerian serial hitmaker Kizz Daniel has definitely established himself as a maestro of hit-making. He continually creates compelling music that appeals to listeners in every age group with each new release. This assertion is further supported by his most recent single, “Shu-Peru,” which is evidence of his extraordinary talent and hit-making skills.

With the release of the popular song “RTID (Rich Till I Die),” which kicked off the year on a high note, Kizz Daniel once again proved his talent for creating contagious melodies and enduring hooks that linger with listeners long after the song has ended. He further demonstrated why he is one of Nigeria’s most promising talents with the track’s overwhelming love and support.

“Shu-Peru” is a gentle reminder of Kizz Daniel’s unquestionable talent and his commitment to continually producing songs as it makes its way onto fans’ playlists. Kizz Daniel has repeatedly shown that he has the secret to writing hit songs, whether it’s through his contagious rhythms, soul-stirring vocals, or ecstatic lyrics.

Listen below.

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