Kwamz Breaks New Ground With Solo EP ‘Nature’s Symphony’

Known for pioneering the Afro-swing sound in the UK as one  half of the dynamic duo Kwamz & Flava, Kelvin Laryea, popularly known as Kwamz, is  confidently threading solo grounds with his new project. “Nature’s Symphony,” a six-track EP  showcasing his prowess in infusing African rhythms with contemporary sounds further  establishes Kwamz’s versatility and mastery of modern Afrobeats. 

Drawing deeply from his Ghanaian roots, Kwamz has consistently showcased his ability to  bridge the gap between the Afrobeat genre and the UK’s eclectic urban soundscape. His  journey, which began with captivating freestyles and covers on social media, has culminated in  hits that have not only climbed the charts but have also set the tone for the Afro-swing  movement in the UK. Songs like “Wo Onane No,” “Takeover,” and “Shoo” stand testament to  this. 

“Nature’s Symphony” promises a rhythmic journey through themes of love, celebration, and  self-expression. Standout tracks include “Bad Behavior” ft. JMANI, a heady mix of charisma and  catchy lines like “Hennessy flavor, bad behavior. Lambo spacious, of course they go hate us.”  The energetic “Confidence” ft. JMANI is bound to capture listeners, especially with lyrics like  “daily I’ve been thinking me and you for vibe.” Kwamz concludes the EP with the assertive  anthem “How I Want,” laying out his self-confidence with “I look and I dress how I want to, I  talk and I walk how I want to.”

Collaborations are central to the EP’s texture, with JMANI lending his vocals to five tracks and  Dikoo delivering a special guest performance. 

“Nature’s Symphony” is now available for streaming and download across all major digital  platforms here: 

Listen below.

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