Kwan Pa Band Complements The Christmas Festive Season With New Song ‘Jama’

Ghanaian indigenous band Kwan Pa is finally releasing their much anticipated song titled “Christmas Jama”.

Christmas in Ghana, apart from being observed as part of an annual religious celebration, is also highly regarded as one of the periods that heighten social interaction.

Amidst the family reunions, the religious activities among others, music is an integral part embedded in this whole celebration.

It’s on this premise of music as a tool for socialisation that Kwan Pa has released this refreshing Christmas medley titled ‘Christmas Jama’ in the beautiful Ghanaian ‘Jama’ style (a fast-paced rhythmic music in the time signature 4 4).

Why Jama? Simple! Kwan Pa realised that there are no Jama songs for Christmas throughout our celebrations, meanwhile it’s a music style Ghanaians love, especially the youth.

For this reason, Kwan Pa once again has decided to pump some indigenous freshness into our Christmas celebrations. The 8-minute long Christmas Jama medley has songs like ‘Christmas is here’, ‘Papa Bronya’, ‘Yɛnkɔ di Bronya’, ‘Bronya aduane’ among other popular Ghanaian Jama melodies.

Christmas Jama is available on the digital platforms for your enjoyment :

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