Lady Leshurr ft Mr. Eazi – Black Madonna

Lady Leshurr ft Mr. Eazi – Black Madonna [Download]

Ask and you shall receive. Lady Leshurr wanted Hype Williams optics for her latest video and that’s what she got. She wanted to spend half her screen time in a virtually untested supercar, she did that as well. On “Black Madonna” Leshurr once again mortgages part of her lyrical potential for a passing trend. Not that “Black Madonna” with Mr Eazi is particularly porous. Mr Eazi is a reputed singer/producer with outreach beyond his Ghanaian borders.

Those who saw Lady Leshurr in the light of a purist model, didn’t want to see her evolve, and those who conversely saw her potentially as an artist, perhaps couldn’t predict how much she’d have to sacrifice to get there. None-the-less “Black Madonna” stays within the bounds of the subject material. The Black Madonnas were darkened images of the Virgin Mary but has since become a powerful symbol of Black Power within its inherent aesthetic value. Lady Leshurr shows her power in inummerable ways, through her actions in the video, and through symbolism. See for yourself.

Lady Leshurr ft Mr. Eazi – Black Madonna [Download]

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