Lyrics : Shatta Wale ft. Vybz Kartel – Mansa Musa

We bring to you the official lyrics of ‘Mansa Musa,’ a song by Shatta Wale featuring Vybz Kartel to help you sing along whiles you listen.


Shatta Wale ft. Vybz Kartel – Mansa Musa

Intro: Shatta Wale & Vybz Kartel
One Black one Africa
Our World lack it like
Atica (Ghana Gaza)
Yuh, get di money full ah pocket yah
Shatta stand strong real warrior
Paa paa paa paa

Verse 1: Vybz Kartel & Shatta Wale
Born as a legend like di
Fifa player Diego Maradona
Like messi when him win the ballon’dor yah
Mi nuh speak spanish but mi have a spanish gyal name Bona
Mi get the french one Nichola
See how di ting get sick and docta even cyaan find mi folder
Dem seh wi nuh guh mek it but di blessings still a shower
Inna dancehall man a shareholder
Run every riddim like man a bipolar
Skate through the moon like a rocket
Cyaan tek eh power from eh set inna di socket
Addi seh, Shatta secure the wallet
Never pop money cah di lyrics a di tablet
Fi aim pon di p**sy memba mi nuh miss target
Tell di hater’dem wi ave di money and di asset
Shatta movement and Gaza link up
(And Gaza link up, and gaza link up)
Wul on now

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