Lyrics : Teephlow – Reflections

We bring to you the official lyrics of ‘Reflections,’ a song by Teephlow to help you sing along whiles you listen.

Teephlow – Reflections Lyrics



I hope this finds you well

Like a wedding in a church i hope this rings a bell

They say the Jungle is scary but is the lion too scared

Well when it comes to that i hope you find you help

I hope you finally see

That i always come with the juice like pineapple seeds

Evergreen forever flow be ghana rap mugeez

Dem dey try read but adey like china Receipts yeah

But i guess asem no ferebae will be clear if i really clarify

Step aside and check the files if you get the time before the agenda guys go televise the heavy lies

Na se eye sharp a ugo see this is clear cut You dont need a samurai to summarize

The matter for you Dema try pollute

What adey try produce but ewo mood swings a meye gemini

Adey power up dawg surge lets get surgical

The things i write me drop yi anka scene no beye gory paa

But i figured gh dze ono bs dem dey glorify

And moreover for every matter they say dem get several sides

So i had to dawg the shots and focus on the big picture

Just so we can keep it rolling like a big rizla

Cos we stand a better chance if we come together and take Gh to the west thats on Vic Mensa

So its funny how after all these years all that negative energy still follow me

And its crazy say the swipe niggas wey no wan put work in the art moum painting narratives

Ose ma mennbeno gyama ubi Calories

Insane bro you got to be

Nighas talking money like eno be hard earned 6 figure dollar signs be the base salary

And ma son is proud of me bro

What a feeling

Jiji dey give me the purest healing

As long as these kids is breathing

We go stick to the game like Relay

And speak of the game If its legit

Why take offense when they say you have income streams other than music

Unless you stupid i dont see why uno go lowkey clean am wey udey here dey scream am

But if you are running from your demons adey barb cos i be running from ma own too aaeeen

Wo time so a wo ba fre wo Eno dey care if you got digits in a box like a phone booth

The belly full but your soul too Fo fit enjoy the star bucks no cold brews

Forgetti IG just keep it Real with yourself

Your only enemy be your friend in the mirror

Cos if you reach for the truth ugo see the thing dey right there

And if you reach for the sky you go find that rainbow

But you for know say if you looking for rainbow you for prepare to feel the rain

To endure the pain Me bisaw aye ready a

We still soul searching

No fears and we keep it real no capping

I was right here but i got no presents

Still blew through the pain like nose piercing

For the goals salah ama mehude its most certain

Them dey try hate my lines but no service

I go my eyes on the price like vvs

Not even a diss track go fit be a distraction no

So if a little issue is turned to bj on a bbc and blown out of proportion

Thats because am logan i was acting impulsive But now if its not for the sport i don’t force it

The only time imma bring it in if its important

I do this because i love this am trying to evolve but its involving

And this is a threat and not a warning I might off you if you come for ma offsprings

I’ll put the peace aside and put the piece on you

Talk about ma honey i might send the Bs on you

And since you think i hate you I will let it sneeze on you

I will be dragging you through the fire and let it breath on you

And even if tho i know you seem confused

I no go do this just to reach some views

To fight with a dummy i will rather put the beat on mute

Adey like KViP a waaye ma am on ma Ps and Qs Yeah

PhlowducationWe got the peddle to the metal till we change the conversation

So if i see dem youngins wey dey copy my style dey spoil there i feel proud cos i raised them

I know you miss me I will be right back

I had to find another land like Dumfries

They say salty nighas wey dey find beef and i Agree

If its smoke you dey want i hope you find peace

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