Nektunez Teams Up With Jeremih And Young Jonn for New Single ‘Anti Social’

Ghanaian music producer residing in America, Nektunez has teamed up with Jeremih, a celebrated American R&B/Pop artist, and Young Jonn, a well-known Nigerian music producer and vocalist, to create the thrilling new track “Anti Social.”

Three different musicians who each have their own special musical talents come together to create this collaborative masterpiece. Nekunez, a Ghanaian who now resides in the US, has gained notoriety for his outstanding production abilities and for giving many songs his distinctive touch. In the American music scene, Jeremih is well-known for his soulful voice and number-one hits. A well-known musician in Nigeria, Young Jonn has established himself as a talented producer and performer who consistently produces popular songs.

Listen to Anti-social below.

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