New Music : Herman Suede Releases New Romantic Ballad Titled ‘Your Love’

Herman Suede is an artist who continues to raise the bar for Ghanaian music with his lyricism, sonically captivating vocal arrangements, and his unique blend of Afro-pop, R&B, Alté, and Amapiano. Having received plaudits for his abilities from music greats such as and Timbaland, as well as being signed as a songwriter in LA by legendary group One-In-Song, the young artist continues to grow to new heights consistently throughout his musical journey. Known for his smooth vocals and exhilarating stage performances, Herman was also included in Sarkodie’s New York show in the summer of 2022 where he delivered a breath-taking performance for close to 1000 guests. After releasing his Amapiano-infused single “Kumbaya” late last year, the 20-year-old singer is gearing up for another release which will be sure to ignite feelings of love, nostalgia, and romance amongst listeners and fans. 

“Your Love” can be classified as a romantic ballad, in which Herman laments over his love and affection toward an unknown partner. He accurately depicts the feeling of being hopelessly in love with another, expressing that even when trying his best to avoid succumbing to such strong feelings when in love, the outcome will always be to fall for the object of his desires. Through his verses, Herman narrates descriptions of the girl’s appearance, actions, and his own emotions as a result, portraying an all-encompassing passion that is very relatable to listeners that have experienced such weighted emotions, for better or for worse. 

The producer, Skool Beatz, showcases an exquisite use of log drums conventionally used in Amapiano beats, lead guitar riffs strumming throughout the instrumental, and a catchy drum pattern reminiscent of early 2000s Ghanaian and Nigerian Hiplife. This creates an eclectic canvas for Herman to truly express himself. It is on this canvas that showcases his growth and maturity as a musical talent, mainly through his ability to meander his way through an Afro-Pop style of instrumentation while maintaining the heart and integrity of a traditional love ballad to create something which feels fresh and timeless. “Your Love” will surely be a song meant to encapsulate the feeling of romance and deep-rooted yearning, and is sure to be an anthem for lovers all across the globe.

This release will mark a new stream of releases being planned by the 20-year-old, so eager fans are sure to be in for a treat as the year unfolds.

To stay tuned to all that Herman Suede has in store, you can follow him on his social media pages below: 

Instagram: hermansuede1

Twitter: hermansuede

Facebook: Herman Suede

Tik Tok: @hermansuede

Snapchat: jasonjbd

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