Nigerian Afrobeats Singer KCee Taps Oxlade For New Single ‘I Pray’

Nigerian music icon Kcee has recently partnered with the immensely gifted singer-songwriter, Oxlade, in the creation of a captivating new single entitled “I Pray.” This dynamic collaboration not only unites two unique voices within the music industry but also reintroduces an exhilarating fusion of sounds that have previously set the music scene on fire.

“I Pray” beautifully encapsulates the essence of the Ojapiano wave, delivering a vibrant and infectious melody that is nearly impossible to resist. Kcee’s distinctive style takes the forefront, characterized by his charismatic delivery and ability to craft irresistible hooks. His vocal prowess shines through, establishing an irresistible synergy with Oxlade, whose sultry and emotionally charged vocals offer the perfect complement to the track.

Listen below.

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